How to integrate Google's Webmaster Tools on your website

Google Webmaster Tools generates an array of data that will help you craft an intelligent SEO campaign. Webmaster Tools can give you information such as keyword ranking data, traffic trends based on content, keyword insights, and even Google Authorship statistics. The data is easy to download, so you can manipulate it to analyze trends and find opportunities.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to integrate Google's Webmaster tools on your website

Video Transcription

Hi everybody. Today, what I’m going to show you is how to link your website with Google webmaster tools. So, to do that you need to go to, and then, you need to log in using a Google account. As usual, I recommend you use your own Google account to do the set up, and then, at the end, that you transfer the ownership of the webmaster tool account, to the actual site owner.

So, I’m going to log in, and here what I see is all the websites that are associated with my account. Okay, so, I have the Ekomobi website. But, I’m going to have another site for my customers. So, I click on the Outside button, and I enter the customer’s URL into the box and then I go and continue.

Now, webmaster tool is going to ask me to verify that I am the actual owner of the website. Okay, they Recommended method is to use Google Analytics. So, if you already installed Google Analytics, you can go ahead and just verify that way. If you haven’t, then, you’re going to need to use an alternate method.

So, you click here on the HTML tag and then you copy the token that is there. So, the N8R part. So, you copy that portion of the token. And then you go and insert it into Ekomobi. So, I’m going to copy it and then go into Ekomobi and click on the Options tab within the Administration, and, paste the token in this box and click on “save”.

So, now I can go back to webmaster tools and do the finished verification. So, I’m going to click on the “Verify” button, and, Google’s going to tell me whether the verification has worked or not. Okay. So it worked. So that’s perfect. So, now I can continue and now I can see that, I can see information concerning my website.

Okay, one information that is really important is the “Search queries”. So, Google is going to tell me how my site is performing on search engines. Also, another element that’s really important is the site messages. Okay, “Google webmaster tools” is the only way that Google’s going to communicate with you if it finds a problem with your website. So, let’s say it finds a virus or SPAM or anything else on your website that is not recommended, Google is going to contact you using the site messages within webmaster tools. So, that’s why it’s really important.

Now, I’m going to show you is how to link your Google Analytics and your webmaster tool account. So, that way, you’ll see your webmaster statistic inside your Google Analytics account. So, you go into your Google Analytics account and, as again, I’ll go into the website data. And, to link the two, I need to go into the “Acquisition” tab and click on “Search Engine Optimization”. And on the “Queries”. And the first time I do that, I, it’s going to ask me to set up the webmaster tools data sharing. So, I click on that button and go at the end of the page. And then, you see here, the “webmaster tools settings”? I need to add a property to this website. Okay, so I’m going to link the webmaster tool that I just created with this Google Analytics account. Going to save it and then both are going to be link and from now on, if I go back into Google Analytics, I’m going to see “Search Engine Statistics” inside Google Analytics. So, I won’t need to visit webmaster tools as often. So, so I go back to the “Search Engine Optimization”, the “request”, and then I see all the requests are right there in the, it’s the same data that’s in webmaster tools, I see it inside Google Analytics.

Okay. So now, one last thing I want to show you is how to transfer the ownership of the account after you’ve done setting up everything. Okay, so, what’ you’re going to do, you need to go back to your, the list of all the webmaster tools account that you have. So you click on the “webmaster tools” title at the top. Then you see all the websites that you have. You select the one you want to change the ownership. So, here, I click on the “Manage Site”, “Add/Remove users”. And then, what I can do here, I can set, I can manage the owners or add a new user if they want to see the reports, the webmaster tools reports.

Okay. So, that concludes the small video on how to link your website with webmaster tools. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to contact me at Thank you very much. Have a good day.

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